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Don't let PAIN affect your lifestyle

Attention : busy working women

Get Significant Reduction in Menstrual Cramps & Pain Naturally Before Your Next Cycle

Without Side Effects of Pain Medications...

Over 1,000 busy working women have used Moxibustion Ovarian Wellness to get 50% reduction in menstrual cramps and pain naturally.

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Re: How To Reduce Menstrual Cramps and Pain Naturally

Dear Friend,

Does this sound like you?

You're a busy working woman, aspiring to transform into an individual who lives a pain-free, comfortable and active life.

Right now, you are focusing on managing menstural cramps and pain management, and your ultimate goal is to eventually live a pain-free, comfortable and active life.

But in the meantime, you'd be over the moon if you could just achieve a 50% reduction in menstrual cramps and pain naturally.

However, there's a hurdle to overcome: figuring out the side effects of pain medications before making progress.


It's likely that side effects from long term use of pain medications is causing you immense frustration.

Believe me; I've been in your shoes - many times!

For a while, I grappled with this crucial question: "What are the side effects of pain medications and how can I avoid them?"

You might also be struggling with the notion that pain medications (which can be really disheartening).

Ultimately, all you want is to acheive a 50% reduction in menstrual cramps and pain naturally, and avoid the side effects of pain medications.

moxibustion ovarian wellness

Imagine Having Pain-free Periods And A Healthy Lifestyle

It’s fantastic to feel more energetic, healthier, and not let your periods get in the way of your daily life. Live every day to the fullest and keep yourself in the pink of health. Start your self-care journey with us today.

Our Moxibustion Ovarian Wellness treatment is perfect for any lady who wants to ease her menstrual concerns, who is suffering from painful or irregular periods, looking to improve womb health, or simply just looking to improve overall quality of life!

Moxibustion Ovarian Wellness Therapy increases the circulation of blood and qi to the area that stimulates the ovarian endocrine function. Regular treatments help to regulate periods, reduce menstrual/ovulation pain and cramps.

Healthy secretion of estrogen is key to maintaining firm, bright and toned skin. Improving the quality of life and delay aging.

Natural Therapy to Relieve Menstrual Pain

What is Moxibustion Ovarian Wellness

A non-invasive female reproductive organ health massage that works on the abdomen, stomach, liver, intestines, and the female reproductive – fallopian tubes, ovaries, and uterus.

It helps to ease irregular congestion, reduce inflammation, improve blood circulation, help detoxification, and promote overall hormonal balance.

Moxibustion Ovarian Wellness Therapy is a specialized form of massage techniques that is performed over the lower abdomen, pelvis and sacrum area to address these issues above and improve the overall women’s health.

FAQs - Natural Therapy to Relieve Menstrual Pain

When is a good time to come for this treatment?

As this treatment cannot be done during menstruation, you can come either before your period starts or after your period has ended (completely cleared)

I am planning to start a family. Can this treatment boost fertility?

YES, this is one wellness treatment you should not miss! It works wonders for menstrual cramps, irregular periods and improving overall women's health! It also helps in delaying menopausing.

Is this treatment suitable for women who have cysts in the womb?

We welcome this treatment if your doctor approves; because the massage will cause some pressure on your womb area. Since we are not fully aware of your body conditions, we believe that your doctor would be able to advise you better.


Step 1

Massage with Herbal Oil

Using our unique curated blend of herbal oil, our Meridian Point Massage helps to warm up the
womb and stimulate blood circulation

Step 2

Meridian Brush Treatment

Stimulates meridian points to revitalize Qi, expels wind, coldness and toxins from the body and opens pores to aid absorption of the herbal mud mask essence

Step 3

Herbal Mud Mask

Contains more than 28 functional herbs including high-grade Ginseng and ‘Dang Gui’ that help eliminate dampness and coldness leftover from the previous menstrual cycle


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