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Modern beauty services designed to meet your beauty needs. Armed with the trained specialists to meet your evolving needs, weโ€™ve developed targeted treatments for modern day skin concerns and aesthetic needs. Our spa leverages on a wide range of up-to-date equipment, standardized protocols to help you get closer to the beauty you hope for. Discover More

At Chrysalis Medi-Aesthetic, we care about your health and are passionate in improving your overall well-being.

East Meets West

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We believe in infusing and getting the most from both "East meets West" treatments. Using modern day technology and traditional treatment methods which dates back to more than a 1000 years ago, we are able to cultivate and embrace these methods for our personal well-being and beauty.

Secret #1: Introducing Painless Living

Solve Chronic Pain & Injuries Around Your Body Using The Latest AI TCM Technology Without Needles, Surgery Or Popping Pills?

AI reads and learns 10,000x faster than humans.

The treatments are also consistent and accurate

Therapists use AI technology to better decide how to help clients.ย 

AI robot that analyses your back for a 3D map and uses advanced algorithms to adapt to the userโ€™s body and deliver a massage tailored to their specific needs, such as targeting specific muscle groups or areas of tension.

AI robot stores data so remembers your progress accurately with each visit

Secret #2: Introducing Painless Living

Start Living A Pain Free Life Today!

How to Get Rid of Your Chronic Pain Using The Latest Advanced TCM Technology While Saving Time & Money!

With Chrysalis Advanced Technology Moxalift 4-in-1 Therapy, you can combine the treatment of Guasha, Ba Guan, Tuina and Moxibustion, without the need to do all 4 treatments individually so you can save alot of time and money.

Secret #3: Introducing Painless Living

Treat Chronic Pain using Advanced Technology which is safe and effective

The heat from the 3-6 moxa therapy help to improve circulation of blood and lymph flow to areas of the body, reducing pain and inflammation.

Decrease healing times of Injuries: When more blood, Qi and Lymph are brought to areas of the body that are in pain or injured, healing times are reduced.

Improvement from digestive complaints

Boost immunity/ Protection against flus and colds

Improve Arthritic pain

Improvement in Headaches

Decrease in Migraines

Cellulite Bamboo Massage

Feature Signature Treatment
Unclog the lymphatic system and live a pain-free life


After unclogging the blockages using the advanced AI TCM therapy, this Lymphatic Bamboo Massage helps to drain off toxins and waste from the body to help speed up the body natural healing abilities and reduce water retention in the body. The body natural healing abilities will in turn relieve pain caused by a variety of conditions, such as muscle strain, headaches, and arthritis. Thus, improve sleep and relieve stress etc

Say NO to Dimpling and Lumping of Your Skin NOW!

We help working moms and busy housewives get rid of dimpling & lumping known as Cellulite of the skin that is found near the hips, thighs, buttocks and belly area..

Why Choose Chrysalis?

Chrysalis Spa continues to evolve, in delivering its many sought-after beauty, wellness & health treatments to satisfy its clients' unique needs.

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Have you ever had a massage done by a robot?@chrysalismediaesthetic has a new treatment on its menu! CHRY-ALICE7 AI MASSAGE ROBOT is their latest treatment and I was privileged to have a go at it!

CHRY-ALICE7 AI MASSAGE ROBOT uses advanced algorithms to adapt to the user's body and... See More

@s_forshirley - Moxalift 4-in-1 Back Detox

Chrysalis Spa, a one-stop spa haven in Singapore established since 2001. They provides professional health and beauty treatments to both men and women for essential body maintenance. I tried their MOXALIFT Back DETOX treatment to relieve my back tension and detox. After the session, I can feel it helps to relieve my muscle soreness and tension too... See More


Went to @chrysalismediaesthetic to try their Western + Chinese treatment, getting the best of both worlds!

Catherine is very knowledgeable on all their different treatments and she understands my body well so she recommended for me to try their AI Alice-7 Massage Robot and... See More

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My skin is glowing โœจโœจ one week post-facial @chrysalis_spa_singapore did their Nano Stem Cells treatment and wow. the. results ๐Ÿคฉ

Meikee Tan

Popped by @chrysalis_spa_singapore for a much needed pampering session ๐Ÿ’†๐Ÿปโ€โ™€๏ธ The Aqua Shine Crystal Glow BB Skin Booster (Aqua BB) which I did showed instant smoother, brighter and non-red result on my skin, and Iโ€™m living for it!


I loved the facial massage their beauty therapist gave me. It was so very comfortable

Helen Soh

Chrysalis is my go-to beauty clinic for my skincare regime. I have been under the care of Cecilia, a very skilled and experienced beautician for my routine facials. Before she starts the facial, she will analyse my skin condition, highlight what needs to be addressed before proceeding.

Le-Anne Ng

With Chrysalis for at least 20 years. Special call out to Manager, Catherine who never fails to remember customers by their names and would always find time to at least say "Hi". Of cos, not to forget dear therapist Jasmine, in whom I always trust to leave my face in her good hands. Keep it up, Catherine and the friendly Chrysalis team at AMK!


Has been with Jasmine for awhile . She's good. Feeling comfortable under her hands.

Catherine has never failed to offer good service to our needs.

Thank you so much!

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