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Ovarian Wellness Treatment at Chrysalis

Experience the Ovarian Wellness treatment at @chrysalismediaesthetic in @amk_hub
The Ovarian Wellness treatment offered at Chrysalis Mediaesthetic focuses on promoting the well-being of the ovaries, which is an essential aspect of women's reproductive health. This treatment has proven effective in alleviating menstrual discomfort, balancing hormonal fluctuations, and enhancing overall vitality.
If you're seeking a specialized therapy for ovarian wellness, I highly recommend visiting Chrysalis Mediaesthetic. Your reproductive health deserves the utmost care, and this treatment can truly make a difference in your overall well-being.

Simply quote my name “Lina” when booking and be entitled to a 20% discount.
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Outlets located at:
🌟AMK Hub #03-26 | Tel: 6481 9270 / WA 9826 4905
🌟Eastpoint Mall #02-34 | Tel: 6587 3310 / WA 8028 0731
🌟Jurong Point #03-04 | Tel: 6265 8308 / WA 8318 9085
🌟Pacific Plaza #03-13 | Tel: 6884 9636 / WA 9635 3999

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⌚Operating Hours:
Mondays - Friday: 11:00am - 9:00pm
Saturday & Sundays & Public Holidays: 10:00am – 7:00pm

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