chrysalisspa About


Chrysalis Spa is a one-stop spa haven in Singapore established since 2001. Chrysalis Spa continues to evolve, in delivering its many sought-after beauty, wellness & health treatments to satisfy its clients’ unique needs.

Our Spa therapists are professionals, trained in massage methods, facial treatments spa technologies & spa etiquette. Every Chrysalis Spa therapist is skilled to soothe a patient, providing him/her with qualified recommendations concerning the procedures available, and to share information about the various spa healing effects.

You will find our therapists’ service personable as our specialists take it as a personal responsibility to ensure our clients are comfortable and at ease. Just let them work their magic as you begin to fully enjoy the complete benefits of our treatments.

Chrysalis Spa’s niche is in its unique and exotic therapies and products. This very tranquil, Asian & Western hybrid concept spa offers unique treatments from East Asia, such as Asian massages. Recently we have incorporated TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) treatments into our service offerings. Chrysalis Spa is truly an urban-escapade that provides professional health and beauty treatments to both men and women for essential body maintenance.

To establish Chrysalis™ as the total wellness service provider (Brow, Lash, Face & Body) in the minds of consumers in Singapore.

Our vision is to be the most well-known brand for a holistic well-being company in major cities all over Asia through franchising and direct sales model.

To realize and fulfil the potential of our brand of therapeutic massage and treatments that is safe, reliable and affordable as well as through using evidence-based and cutting-edge equipment and high grade quality products.

To continuously provide quality authentic services to consumers through on-going research and developmental efforts, staying relevant by introducing the latest technologies in beauty and wellness to savvy consumers of today.

Our mission is to provide our customers with superb services for better quality of life and general well-being in a fun and friendly environment.

We want to touch both the lives of our customers and our staff by helping them grow with our organisation.

To provide :
1. Our unique brand of therapeutic massages and treatments for customers acquiring total relaxation physically & spiritually.
2. Convenient and affordable luxury services which is customer-focused and knowledge-based
3. A comfortable place to relax and recharge
4. Innovative products using state-of-the-art technologies
5. And adhere to honest and ethical business practices that will gain the trust of our customers

Our Passion - We treat every person, both customers and colleagues, with genuine warmth and enthusiasm

Our Professionalism - We add value to the lives of our customers by delivering Chrysalis™’s unique techniques in all earnest humility

Our Promise (reliable) - We gain the trust of our customers through credible and accountable practices in Chrysalis™