Enhance Your Wellness with Moxibustion Ovarian Therapy at Chrysalis

Enhance Your Wellness with Moxibustion Ovarian Therapy at Chrysalis

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Ovarian treatment is perfect for any lady who wants to ease her menstrual concerns, who is suffering from painful or irregular periods, looking to improve womb health & wellness.

Moxibustion Ovarian Wellness Therapy increases the circulation of blood and qi to the area that stimulates the ovarian endocrine function. Regular treatments help to regulate periods, reduce menstrual/ovulation pain and cramps. The therapy addresses hormonal- related problems such as menopausal symptoms and premenstrual syndrome (PMS).

Benefits of Ovarian Womb Therapy
✅ Helps with hormone imbalance
✅ Detox the lymphatic system
✅ Improve overall womb health, irregular menstrual cycles and the flow

Healthy secretion of estrogen is key to maintaining firm, bright and toned skin. Improving the quality of life and delay aging.

Outlets located at:
📍AMK Hub #03-26 | Tel: 6481 9270 / WA 9826 4905
📍Eastpoint Mall #02-34 | Tel: 6587 3310 / WA 8028 0731
📍Jurong Point #03-04 | Tel: 6265 8308 / WA 8318 9085
📍Centrepoint #03-24 | Tel: 68849636 / WA 96353999
📍Westgate #B1-43 | Tel: 65675393 / WA 96387290

🕚 Operating Hours:
Mondays - Friday: 11:00am - 9:00pm
Saturday & Sundays & Public Holidays: 10:00am - 7:00pm

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