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IMALIFT Face Lifting & V-Shaped Face


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IMALIFT Face Lifting & V-Shaped Facial Treatment Singapore

Benefits of IMALIFT Face Lifting Treatment

  • Targets Aging Signs: The IMALift Face Lifting Therapy effectively targets sagging skin, droopy eyes as well as a sagging jawline. Furthermore without costly and painful treatments.
  • Non-Invasive Facelift: This treatment uses thermal and sound energy to stimulate collagen production in the connective tissues of the face.
  • Comprehensive Treatment:
  • Stimulates natural collagen & fibres
  • Targets smaller areas
  • Eliminates saggy skin
  • Removes fine lines & wrinkles
  • Treats smile & frown lines
  • Contours the face
  • Quick, safe, & painless

Get An Immediate V-Shaped Face With IMALIFT Face Lifting Therapy

The Latest 30min, No-Needle, Painless V-Shaped Face Lifting!

Discover the latest 30 minute, no-needle, painless V-shaped face lifting! While our IMALift Face Lifting Therapy employs cutting-edge ultrasound technology to penetrate deep into the skin layers. It also stimulates collagen in the fibroblasts and builds new tissues, effectively addressing sunken, sagging areas. Moreover, unlike occasionally painful HIFU treatments, IMALift provides a comfortable experience.

Face Lifting Before After | Chrysalis

Face Lifting Before After

Why Choose IMALift Face Lifting Over HIFU?

  • Instant Results: Achieve visible face slimming and lifting in just one session with the IMALift Face Lifting Treatment.
  • Pain-Free Solution: Avoid discomfort and downtime associated with HIFU treatments.
  • Efficient Collagen Stimulation: Our IMALift Face Lifting tightens your skin naturally and safely.

Seeking the Covered V-Shape Face?

If you desire a V-shaped face, it's time to try the remarkable IMALift Face Lifting Treatment. In contrast, don't settle for painful alternatives when you can achieve stunning results with IMALift. 

IMALIFT Face Lifting Treatment Pricing and Offers

Type of Therapy Trial Price Usual Price Duration of Treatment
IMALIFT Face Lifting $95.04 $753.84 60 minutes
Time Sale Promo Price No. of Sessions Duration of Treatment
IMALIFT Face Lifting (3 sessions) $98 3 sessions 30 minutes

FAQs About IMALIFT Face Lifting & V-Shaped Face

Is it possible to achieve a V=shape face with facial treatments?

Yes, at Chrysalis Medi Aesthetic, we have helped countless customers achieve their dream V-Shape face with IMALIFT, our non-invasive face lifting treatment using ultrasound technology

Which non-surgical face lift treatment in Singapore is the best?

IMALIFT is arguably one of the non-invasive face lifting that takes only 30 minutes, with visible results after the first trial.

What is the IMALIFT Non-surgical Face Lifting Treatment?

IMALIFT is a non-surgical face lifting treatment that uses Ultrasound technology to give your face the much desired V-Shape effect. This minimally invasive treatment slims your jawline and eradicates saggy skin for younger looking skin.