FDA Approved DEP® Skin Renewal


FDA Approved DEP Therapy

A luxurious and pampering treatment, the DEP Facial uses FDA-approved DermaElectroporation® (D.E.P.) technology to infuse medical grade serums to the dermis, epidermis and subcutaneous layers of the skin, improving serum delivery by 17X more than other delivery mechanisms.

This signature treatment is needle-free, pain-free, 100% non-invasive and suitable for all skin types. It is highly recommended as a pre-event facial to bring out the best glow in your skin and keep it ultra-hydrated.

What is DEP (DermoElectroPoration®)?

DEP (DermoElectroPoration®) System is the new non-invasive, stand-alone powered drug-delivery system carrying Dermoelectroporation® Technology to deliver Ionic drug solution into the body for medical purposes. The system has been FDA approved for the “local administration of ionic drug solutions into the body for medical purposes and can be used as an alternative to injections” and it is possible to deliver molecules up to 800.000 Dalton with no side effects and less contraindications.

The system is currently used for No needles mesotherapy to deliver skin enhancement solutions, Hyaluronic acid, amino acids, vitamins, Collagen, elastin etc. The advantage of the DEP system is the built-in EMS (electro-magnetic-stimulation) that simultaneously stimulates facial muscle exercise to firm and lift facial muscles.

Benefits of DEP (DermoElectroPoration®)

Some of the many beneficial outcomes of this treatment include:

• Improves product absorption

• Firm and lift facial muscles

• Increases hydration and circulation

• Trigger of the regenerative processes of the skin

• Softens lines and wrinkles

• Improves skin texture

• Lightens scars

• Boosts collagen production

• Can be used on lips and eyelids

•* Results vary among individuals as every person’s condition vary

DEP Facial Treatment | Chrysalis

DEP Facial Skin Structure & Absorption Pathway

DEP Facial Treatment Price In Singapore

Type of Therapy Trial Price Usual Price Duration of Treatment
DEP Facial Treatment $95.04 $527.04 60 minutes

FAQs About DEP Facial Treatment

What is Dermoelectroporation?

Dermoelectroporation is a new, patented, proprietary technology from Mattioli Engineering Research Labs. It is a non-invasive method of delivery drugs into the body. Dermoelectroporation creates "channels" in the skin to allow ionic drug solutions to penetrate due to controlled electroporation-like continuous reversed polarity electrical pulses, increasing the skins permeability and allowing for the transdermal delivery of drugs as would occur in traditional iontophoresis. This pulsed iontophoresis with safe, current-limited, pulsed "electroporation-like" waveforms, allows for the delivery of both micro- and macro-molecules without modifying the ionic drug solutions pH and avoiding any type of electrolysis reaction at the electrodes.

Dermoelectroporation technology has no effect on the ionic drug solution being delivered.

How does DEP facial work?

•DEP is an FDA certified medical device, approved for use as an alternative to injection. It is able to effectively deliver large molecular size growth factors and peptides deep into the dermal skin layer. Customized solutions are infused during treatment to correct different skin conditions.

What results can I expect after the trial facial?

Due to electronic facial muscle stimulation, most customers can see and feel their face firmer and tighter. Infusion of growth factors result in more radiant skin, refined skin texture and pores. Monthly DEP facials accelerate skin regeneration resulting in younger looking, more radiant skin.

What is the Transderm Ionto System?

The TransdermIonto System is a powered drug delivery system that is indicated for the local administration of ionic drug solutions into the body for medical purposes and can be used as an alternative to injections. In other words, it must be used by a doctor and only with approved substances.

How does the Transderm Ionto System work?

Transderm Ionto System allows for the transdermal delivery of ionic drug solutions into the body. Transdermal delivery enables active principles to enter the dermis without the need for injections or syringes. The Ultrapeel Transderm Ionto System combines traditional microdermabrasion with Dermoelectroporation, and is
designed to provide the benefits of transdermal drug delivery treatments without the limiting side effects of other traditional techniques.

The Transderm Ionto System uses microdermabrasion to exfoliate the stratum corneum to ensure reproducibility - along with Dermoelectroporation, which allows the principle to enter the dermis by means of low energy, electrical pulses to deliver the ionic drug solution into the body.

Dermoelectroporation, when combined with microdermabrasion, boosts the transdermal delivery rate to get a higher flow than normally obtained from a topical application (five times the topical application).

What is the Transderm Ionto System indicated for?

As the FDA clearance states, the Transderm Ionto System is a powered drug delivery system that is indicated for the local administration of ionic drug solutions into the body for medical purposes and can be used as an alternative to injections.

How deep will the ionic drug solutions deliver?

The TransdermIonto System is recognized to be able to transdermally deliver ionic
drug solutions to the muscle membranes.

What are the advantages of using the Transderm Ionto System Vs other systems?

Transderm Ionto System is the ONLY system FDA cleared for Medical applications and is cleared as an alternative to injections.

It has the capability to transdermally deliver both micro- and macro molecules.

There is no electrolysis of the ionic drug solution, which ensures that the substance is delivered as a whole.

There is no variation in the ionic drug solution pH, ensuring that there is no irritation for the patient.

This system promotes the transdermal delivery rate by means of microdermabrasion and Dermoelectroporation.

There is a reproducibility of the dose delivered due to the preliminary microdermabrasion.

The vibration feature on board minimized the perception of electrical pulses for the patient.

The TransdermIonto System is non-invasive.


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