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Chrysalis Cellulite Bamboo Massage

Combat Dimpling & Lumping Skin With Our Specially Curated Bamboo Massage.

Knock Out Stubborn Cellulite
Chrysalis Signature Anti Cellulite Massage uses a specially blended cellulite massage oil and a unique technique to break up fat deposits. Improves the appearance and condition of both the superficial and deeper skin layers by tightening skin, simultaneously reducing the appearance of cellulite and contouring the body.
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Cellulite Bamboo Massage Treatment | Chrysalis

Established since 2001, we have been continuously helping every women and men alike to meet inner and outer beauty needs. Moreover, every treatment session with us is curated based on your skin's conditino and needs. It's not surprise then, how 98% of our customers see visible improvements in just one session with us. We're also advocatees of transparency. Shall we work together to enhance your skin's imperfections and improve your well-being?

What is Cellulite

Cellulite is a common skin condition that affects both men and women. The cause is the build up of fat cells around the thighs, buttocks and stomach. This build-up creates bumps under the skin that are mistaken for lumps or bruises.

What Causes Cellulite?

  • Inactive lifestyle
  • Loss of collagen
  • Poor circulation (a common issue in the legs)
  • Poor lymphatic drainage (a build-up of fluid in tissues)
  • An inadequate diet (honey, white sugar, pasta, pizza, animal fats, bread)
  • Slow metabolism
  • How To Tackle Cellulite?

    There are many ways to get rid of cellulite, including exercises, massages, diet changes and medications. Treatment options include topical creams, injections, liposuction sugery or more.

    Grade 0 Cellulite

    Grade 0

    Grade 1 Cellulite

    Grade 1

    Grade 2 Cellulite

    Grade 2

    Grade 3 Cellulite

    Grade 3

    There are different "grades" of cellulite:

  • Grade 0: Dimpling when pinched.
  • Grade 1: Between 1 and 4 superficial depressions, and a slightly "draped" or sagging appearance to the skin.
  • Grade 2: Between five and nine medium-depth depressions, a "cottage cheese" appearance, and the skin appears moderately draped.
  • Grade 3: The is a "mattress" appearance, with 10 or more deep depressions, and the skin is severely draped.
  • Ultrasound Treatment

    Radiofrequency Cellulite ultrasound-cellulite-treatment

    Ultrasound technology is the perfect partner for this treatment because it makes it easier for RF to penetrate the skin. The blend of heat and light speeds up the metabolism of the fat cells, so they shrink in size. This further reveals a slimmer and sexier you.

    Is Cellulite Safe and Costly?

    We use a combination of natural and safe techniques namely Cellulite Bamboo Massage. This method inflicts no pain, does not require surgery, and effectively knocks out stubborn cellulite.

    Price is also affordable.

    Using our SignatureCellulite Bamboo Massage techniques combined with our unique blended cellulite oil will help:

  • Relieve and relax those back muscles
  • Break down fat
  • Ease muscle stiffness
  • Increase blood circulation
  • FAQs about Cellulite Bamboo Massage