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Relieve Pain with Lymphatic Drainage Massage at Chrysalis

@mjessicas_ - Lymphatic Drainage Massage 

Untreated pain impacts ur daily quality of life and has both physical and mental consequences🙇‍♀️
When leaving pain untreated or inappropriately managed at the acute stage, it could develop into chronic pain and keep u in risk of higher complication🥺
Signs like sleep disturbance, decreased immobility and concentration are often being experienced🫨
Glad that at @chrysalismediaesthetic i tried a lymphatic drainage massage treatment to stimulate the circulation of lymph fluid around the body😍
It also helped speeding up the body natural detoxification process and provide a major boost to the immune system✨
Simply quote my name when booking and be entitled to a 20% discount🤑
Valid for 1 month from the date of this post🥰
Only for new customers or 1st timers❗️