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pa Review | Since February is the month of ❤️, what better way to celebrate it than with some self-love? 🧖🏻‍♀️

Opted for a facial at @chrysalismediaesthetic & chose the IMALift, a non-invasive facelift procedure that uses thermal energy to firm, tighten, and stimulate collagen for a gradual lifting of the skin.

Before the procedure, the therapist Cecilia did a Radiance Peel to slough away dead skin cells & impurities. She then proceeded with the Ima Lift on my cheek and jaw which I kid you not, gave immediate results!! 💯💯🔥

Started with only the left side of my face then handed me a mirror to see the difference between the left and right. I SWEAR the left was more…for lack of a better word lifted(?!) and felt tauter.

Was it painful? Not at all. Felt more like an ant-bite so if any of you are concerned about the pain level, don’t worry, you’d hardly feel a thing.

The session ended with a radiant collagen mask and a soothing shoulder massage. One other thing that I appreciated was Cecilia explaining each step of the treatment and frequently checking in if I was comfortable 😊

1 session was all it took to feel the results so imagine if one were to go regularly!

Am also happy to report, I experienced no side effects from the treatment, albeit a few small pimples due to the regeneration of the skin. But this was something which I was prepared for so all’s well ✌🏼.

@chrysalismediaesthetic has other types of facial and body treatments too. Can’t wait to try something else next time!

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