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Revitalize Your Skin with Bojin Meridian Facial at Chrysalis

After my long travel holiday and my late nights I needed a Bojin Meridian Facial treatment to rejuvenate and revitalise my tired skin!💯

I went back to my favourite place once again @chrysalismediaesthetic

Have you done TCM Bojin Meridian Facial before ? If no, you gotta watch this and try it out with @chrysalismediaesthetic

How does it work?
It's my first time trying out Bojin Meridian Facial Treatment and I loved it.

This Bojin Meridian Facial uses gentle & non-invasive technique with a small bamboo sticks to stimulate our skin's natural healing process, promote healthy circulation by opening up clogged meridian points on our face.
The meridian points on our face are connected to our organs. Stimulating meridian points helps to balance energy to support healing the body naturally. Energized meridian channels helps with cells rejuvenation and slow down aging process.

I was amazed by the results of the Bojin Meridian Facial! The relaxing process combined with the skilled hands of the esthetician made it a truly enjoyable and beneficial experience. My skin felt radiant and looked visibly lifted afterward!😘🌟👏🏻

@chrysalismediaesthetic Bojin Meridian Beauty Facial is simply amazing! I would highly recommend everyone to try this out!

Here's a gift for you :
• Mention "BIANCA" when you book your appointment.
^ Enjoy a FREE treatment on your visit! Valid for 1 month from date of this post. Only for new customers or first timers!
Available only at:
✅AMK Hub #03-26 | Tel: 6481 9270 /
WA 98264905
✅Centerpoint #03-24 | Tel: 6884 9636 /
WA 9635 3999

Operating Hours:
Mondays - Friday: 11:00am -


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