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Rejuvenate Your Skin with Bojin Facial Treatment at Chrysalis

As I enter into my late 30s, my skin’s natural collagen starts to reduce resulting in more wrinkles, acne and pigmentation on my face.

It’s mainly due to blocked meridians, clogged pores and impaired circulation. The tired looking dull skin is something that I often neglect, so I am back to @chrysalismediaesthetic to firm and rejuvenate my skin.

The therapist recommended the Bojin Facial Treatment for my skin. Bojin Facial is a natural, non-invasive and painless acupressure facial massage that has numerous health benefits.

🧡 Stimulates lymphatic drainage and blood circulation to eliminate the fluid buildup that causes facial bloating, dull and uneven skin tone.

🧡 Improves skin radiance and suppleness

🧡 Aids in the removal of impurities from skin and also reduces pore size

The session was so relaxing and comfortable that I snoozed off immediately. After the treatment, I could see the difference as it sculpted my face to look slightly smaller and my skin felt plump and rejuvenating. There is also an instant glow on my face too.

This bojin treatment includes all your regular facial steps like deep cleansing, eyebrow trimming, exfoliation, and application of a face mask too. With just 1 session, you will notice a difference.

To find out more information on their treatments, check out their website

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