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Bojin Massage

Bojin Massage is a unique treatment involves stroke techniques that stimulates the skin. By doing so, we perform gentle presses using jade instruments to promote "Qi" flow in the face meridian channels. It is also a skin boosting and renewing treatment for the face. This further reduces conditions like dark circles, puffy eyes and can even restore tired skin.

You can enjoy obvious as well as instant effects after a Bojin facial treatment:

  • Detoxifies skin
  • Help to improve skin tone
  • Reduce dark circle, puffy eyes and eye bag
  • Reduce the appearance of fine lines as well as wrinkles
  • Enhance blood flow
  • Face Guasha Bojin

    Bojin Face & Guasha in Singapore | Chrysalis

    Understanding Bo Jin

    Unlike Guasha Facial, Bo Jin technique is able to go deeper and target your Meridian points to restore "Qi".

    This technique uses an ox horn tool to work on meridian points. Additionally, as a pioneer in TCM facial. We are expert in blending our own technique with crafts from the East to bring instant and also lasting results. This is a treatment based therapy where your wellness and health will further improve after each session.

    Based on Meridian Tissue Manipulation (MTM) and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) methodology. Bojin also targets both the visible and physical level areas to give instant lasting results.

    In contrast, you can use it as a treatment for both beauty and wellness.

    Benefits of Bojin

    This special treatment helps prevent aging by gently pressing as well as stimulates the skin. It is the motion of skin being softly press with jade tools to promote blood flow.

    This therapy is a refreshing treat for the face that can further improve blood flow. Furthermore, it pumps oxygen and nutrient to the skin, making it look fuller and healthy. Additionally smoothing away wrinkle and dark circles around the eye area.

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    Types of Bojin Treatments

    Benefits of Face Guasha & Bojin

    • Lifting As Well As Sharpen Jawline
    • Further Restores Skin Elasticity
    • Boosts Skin's Radiance
    • Target Dull and Unbalanced Skin Tone
    • Anti-wrinkle, Laugh As Well As Expression Lines
    • Balance Skin Activity to Alleviate Pimples, Oily Skin
    • Target Meridian Points For Wellness Of Areas Such As Spleen, Intestine, Gynaecological Problems, Stomach, Heart and Gall Bladder
    • Uses Meridian Tissue Manipulation to Improve and Beauty Problems From Within

    Treatment Process

    Lifestyle & Face Analysis Skin "Warm Up" Signature Face Bojin Technique Massage

    Skin Warm Up: Starting off with a multi-meridian point that stimulates the "Qi". This prepares the skin effectively elevates the results for/ of "Bojin" and osmosis of products.

    FAQs about Bojin Massage