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Benefits of Moxibustion Treatment in Singapore

  • Warms the Meridians: Helps relieve pain like backaches and menstrual cramps by dispelling 'dampness.'
  • Boosts Blood Circulation: Lowers blood clot risks and eliminates fatigue.
  • Strengthens the Immune System: Fights off illnesses and boosts resistance to flu.
  • Improves Digestion: Eases chronic diarrhea and constipation.
  • Reduces Numbness: Alleviates soreness and tingling in limbs, enhancing life quality.

Moxibustion complements acupuncture to improve Qi and blood flow. Its properties help expel cold, remove dampness, stimulate acupoints while promoting energy circulation.

EAST Meets West Therapies

While we merge traditional moxibustion and modern technology for superior health benefits in one session. This treatment also achieves deep penetration in various body parts to alleviate pain and discomfort.

The Yin and Yang of Our Body

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) emphasizes "nourishing with warmth, avoiding coldness." However, our modern habits like air-conditioned rooms and cold drinks can introduce harmful cold pathogens. This can also deplete our body's Yang, harm our immune system then lead to discomfort and chronic diseases. 

Fight the Cold Better with Our Signature Moxibution Therapy!

More on Moxibustion Treatment

Moxibustion burns mugwort (Artemisia Vulgaris) to further improve blood flow, particularly beneficial in the pelvic and uterus areas for women. Because its warmth dispels pathogens and speeds up healing, people in Asia have used it for centuries.

After Your Moxibustion Treatment

Post-treatment, avoid alcohol and coffee. In contrast, opt for warm beverages. Also rest well to aid your body's detox and recovery process.

Precautions for Moxibustion Treatment

While moxibustion is generally safe, it is not suitable for eeryone. Avoid it if you have conditions like lymphedema, low white blood cell count, a heart murmur or have a pacemaker. Moreover, pregnant or nursing women should always consult a professional first.

A Game Changer With Moxibustion With Advanced Technology

Moxibustion Singapore | Chrysalis


Moxibustion Singapore | Chrysalis



Moxibustion Treatment Price and Offers

Experience this painless treatment using 6 moxa sticks. While you'll feel a warm, soothing sensation during the session, which indicates activated meridians and balanced body energy.

Moxibustion Treatment Using 6 Moxa Price

Type of Therapy Trial Price Usual Price Duration of Treatment
Moxibustion Treatment $129.60 $311.04 20 minutes
Time Sale Promo Price No. of Sessions Duration of Treatment
6 Moxa Treatment x 2 sessions $98.00 2 sessions 20 minutes

FAQs About Moxibustion Treatment

What are the benefits of Moxibustion Treatment?

Moxa is also a good choice for those suffering from aches and pains. The warming properties of moxa allow it to increase blood flow by warming the blood. Increased blood flow means increased oxygenation to the tissues, muscles and tendons that are sore. Another benefit of utilizing moxibustion is increased immunity.

What are the effects of Moxa care?

(1) The 12 energy lines in your body, also knows as the meridians will be stimulated for a better blood circulation and relaxing of the muscles

(2) Insomnia and the lack of energy can be reduced extensively

(3) Balance in body and soul will be restored by removing the cold and moist, the Yin, and adding warmth and power, the Yang

(4) Detox of the body, moisturizing of the skin and thereby reduces the process of aging

Types of moxa

A moxa cone placed directly on the skin and ignited is called direct moxibustion, while the moxa kept at certain distance from the skin is called indirect moxibustion.

Effects of Moxibustion Treatment

(1) Neck: an instant pain relief, the muscles in the area around your shoulders will relax

(2) Waist: pain relief and preventing legs and feet from becoming cold

(3) Belly: when being confronted with pain in the belly, buttocks, and lack of strength in your Legs, Moxa Aijiu can enlighten this and stimulate a better digestion and metabolism

(4) Knees: reduction of stiff limbs and joints. You will experience walking comfortable, flexible, balanced and without pain

Advice and guidelines when getting Moxibustion Treatment

(1) After you’ve enjoyed your moxa therapy please do not shower, wait until the next day.

(2) Do avoid a spicy diet or meals with intense herbs such as pepper, garlic and ginger.

(3) Alcoholic beverages during your treatments are not recommended.

Are there any side effects?

Very few customers have unpleasant side effects. In exceptional cases after the first treatment, you can experience a running nose and sneezing, as well as slightly sore muscles, itching and slight swelling of the skin on and around the treated parts.