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Face Gua Sha Before and After Procedure

Breaking Down the Gua Sha Facial Procedure

  • Step 1: Cleanse - Start by cleaning your face or impurities and makeup, then a double deep cleanse.
  • Step 2: Moisturize - Apply a moisturizing cream or essential oil before starting the Gua Sha.
  • Step 3: Massage - A jade gua sha tool to massage accupressure points, that further scrape all over your face. Further focusing on the cheekbones, temples and brow area.
  • Step 4: Mask - Finally, finishing with a hydrating mask to soothe the skin.

FAQs About Facial Gua Sha

​Is it true that Face Gua Sha can help you get rid of wrinkles?

Face Gua Sha can reduce fine lines and wrinkles, increase skin elasticity (making it appear tighter), and make the skin glow.

​Does Face Gua Sha help to get rid of a double chin?

Gua Sha can help you treat and reduce of your double chin. All you need is a Gua Sha tool to get started. Simply scrape it down your skin to increase circulation and move the sluggish lymph to be cleared away. Our therapists are more than capable enough to help you with that.

How often should you Gua Sha your face?

While Gua Sha is recommended once a week, the frequency of use will be determined by your skin type and tolerance to the procedure.

Does Face Gua Sha actually work?

Face Gua Sha has been shown to help ease facial tension, reduce puffiness and inflammation, and even lower sinus pressure. However, because the musculature of the face is significantly thinner, you should avoid exerting excessive pressure while working on this area.

Does Gua Sha Hurt?

Keep in mind that, if done improperly, or with too forceful a hand, Gua Sha Facial Singapore may be uncomfortable. But other than that, if done correctly, Gua Sha facial massage is a pretty safe bet for all skin types. (In other words, if gua sha hurts, you are likely doing it incorrectly). But as always, with any specific concerns, you should speak to your therapists.

Results vary with individuals.

Can Gua Sha make your face slim?

"Gua Sha" is an age-old technique that uses a facial massage tool (wood, crystals, ox horn) to massage the face. The massage strokes are not only therapeutic; they're said to help relieve water retention, reduce under-eye puffiness, soften fine lines, firm the skin, and lift it. These effects may be temporary, but with regular use at least 2–3 times a week combined with a lifting or firming serum or cream, you can reach your V-shape goals. All thanks to the lymphatic drainage techniques! 

It is recommended to use oil- or water-based skincare products with gentle pressure to avoid damaging your skin or hurting yourself.

This may make your face appear temporarily slimmer and improve your complexion. It is important to understand that it will not get rid of fat deposits contributing to a double chin or providing any long-term, significant changes to your facial contours.

What is the difference between gua sha and Bojin facial?

In the traditional Chinese method known as Bojin, the therapist scrapes the patient's skin with a pointed tool in order to promote the body's innate capacity for self-healing. Bojin can relieve tension in the tendons and muscles, on top of the circulation and inflammation reduction. In Gua Sha treatment, on the other hand, the therapist scrapes the skin using a tool that is relatively smooth for circulation and inflammation reduction.

Do You Need Relief from Facial Tension or Puffiness?

Are you dealing with:

  • Dull and tired skin
  • Dark eye circles and tired looking eyes
  • Wrinkles as well as fine lines 
  • Loss of skin elasticity

Our Gua Sha Facial Massage combines ancient Chinese techniques with modern science for a sculpted face. It also relieves tension, promotes blood flow and dispels toxins.

Gua Sha Facial Near Me

What is Gua Sha Facial in Singapore?

Gua Sha is a traditional healing technique using a smooth, flat tool pressed along the skin. While this enhances blood circulation and lympahtic flow. It is also effective for back tension release. Moreover, it has gained popularity for facial use among celebrities.

Guasha Facial Therapy Singapore

How Does Gua Sha Facial Work?

During therapy, a smooth-edge tool massages the skin. Next, the gliding pressure causes micro-trauma that boosts healing. Additionally, this technique increases blood flow, lymphatic drainage and collagen production.

Benefits of Gua Sha Facial in Singapore Include:

  1. Rejuvenated skin cells for a natural facial glow.
  2. Delays aging and lifts the skin
  3. Reduce dark circlse and hydrates the skin
  4. Improves Qi and blood circulation
  5. Relieves tension and headaches
  6. Tones and lifts the face
  7. Stimulates collagen and elastin production
  8. Detoxifies the skin

Do Gua Sha Facial Have Any Side Effects?

Gua sha is not recommended for those with rashes, sunburns, or blood coagulation issues. In contrast after treatment, your skin may appear pink or lightly bruised - use gentle pressure to avoid this.

Gua Sha Facial Massage

Cost of Gua Sha Facial in Singapore

Experience the transformative potential of Gua Sha Facial Massage Treatment. This non-invasive approach combines tradtion with modern skincare to enhance your complexion and facial contour.

Discover for yourself:

  • Reduced fine lines & smaller pores
  • Brighter, firmer and further lifted skin
  • Relief from fatigue and stress
  • Control acne as well as prevent breakouts
  • Treat dark eye circles and alsoeye bags

Gua Sha Facial Massage Price

Type of Therapy Trial Price Usual Price Duration of Treatment
Gua Sha Facial $73.44 $432 60 minutes

Why Try Gua Sha Facial At Chrysalis Singapore?

Gua Sha Benefits For Face | Chrysalis

Natural Eyelift

Gua sha stones are perfect for lifting and tightening the skin. Because they stimulate circulation, oxygenate and also nourish skin cells for a young looking skin.

Gua Sha Massage Near Me | Chrysalis

Tension Relief

It dramatically releases facial tension. While regular relaxation of facial muscles fades experession lines.

Eye Gua Sha Therapy Singapore | Chrysalis

Reduce Eye Bag & Dark Circle

It slims your face by breaking down fat cells and draining excess fluid, while reducing bloating and puffiness.

Transform Your Skin with TCM Gua Sha Facial

Discover the ancient secret of using TCM East Meets West techniques to glowing skin and rejuvenation.