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Effective Stretchmark Repair Treatment at Chrysalis

@shiela_matias - Stretchmark Repair Treatment

Smile with teeth or no teeth? Shot by @lemonearl says to show my teeth! 😁

Staying consistent with my #bodygoals which is maintenance of a toned, strong physique cos we only have one body, we should love and embrace every single area of it💕 Feeling good and having confidence is the 🔑 to happiness!

One of the areas I need to improve is my mum tum that is still very present, because it’s Dylan comfort “chou chou pillow” haha!

Told myself that I’m gonna work on it before he turns P1☺️

Part of this is trying @chrysalismediaesthetic ‘s Stretchmark Repair, really saw the difference in just 1 session, especially after the serum was applied☺️

Let me know if you want to try any treatment, and I will refer you for a free trial😉


Simply quote my name when booking and be entitled to a 20% discount too!

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Only for new customers or 1st timers😘