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GERnetic Product Reviews: Real Results for Acne and Skin Care

Speaking of skin care, I was recently introduced to the Gernetic International's range of skin care products by Chrysalis Medi-Aesthetic Group. Other than offering spa and wellness services, Chrysalis Medi-Aesthetic Group also sell skin care products from Gernetic International.

As I work from home, I concentrate more on my night skin care routine, compared to my day care. I would end off my day care routine simply by washing my face with my facial cleanser. Since, I neglect my day care, I make sure to compensate my face by taking good care of my skin before I head to bed. 

There was an overall improvement on my face, in terms of my eye bags, they were lightened. My acne marks seems to have lightened and pigmentation marks looked less obvious. The blackheads on my nose and chin seems to also have reduced slightly. As for the reduction of enlarged pores and reduced wrinkle, I cannot really testify the results as these are not very obvious on my face.

I do however, feel that my face is more supple and hydrated. I will be continuing the use of these products as they are proven to be effective and safe for use on my face. I just have to be careful not to apply them on my right cheeks as they are over sensitive for now and will flare up if too many products are applied on them.

You can check out my youtube video to find out how I applied all of 4 products.

The following are my product trial results using all 4 products together with my existing skin care products in the following sequence. You are free to skip any products or substitute any of them with your own if you do not face a similar problem and adjust them according to your skin.

My own facial wash  & toner,
> 4-5 drops of Cells Life Serum on face & neck
> 2-3 drops of Eye Contour gel on Eye area
> small amount of Octo on nose & chin areas only
> small amount of Nuclea spread over face & neck
Finished off with my regular face moisturizer all over my face and neck areas.