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Rejuvenate with MOXALIFT 4-in-1 Back DETOX at Chrysalis

@cherryqq02 - MOXALIFT 4-in-1 Back DETOX

Experience rejuvenation and rebalancing with @chrysalismediaesthetic. It could be just the solution for me. I'm a person who enjoys being in an air-conditioned environment and chilling with a cold drink. Lately, I've been feeling more achy. I decided to try the MOXALIFT 4-in-1 Back DETOX to ensure my body is in good form.😌

So, what is MOXALIFT 4-in-1 Back DETOX?
It utilizes a combination of technology and tradition, incorporating the effects of four different well-known TCM treatments: Gua Sha, Ba Guan, Acupuncture & Tui Na. The whole experience took about 30 minutes, leaving me feeling relaxed. It also saves time by eliminating the need to travel for separate treatment visits, which is perfect for busy moms like you. - must try!

Benefits include:
- Lymphatic /toxins drainage
- Reduction of water retention
- Loosening up tension and muscle knots, especially in the shoulder area.

Simply quote 'cherryqq02' when booking and receive a 20% discount.
Valid for 1 month from the date of this post.

Applicable only for new customers or first-timers.

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