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Transform Your Skin with Guasha Facial & Bojin Eye Treatment

@lowcarb_keto_fooddiary - Gua Sha Facial & Bojin Eye Treatment

Jaw-dropping results from my recent Gusha facial & Bojin Eye Treatment at @chrysalismediaesthetic  ⁣
《Lifted face with radiance restored》

Facial Guasha includes scraping; using a Guasha board made of water buffalo horn in upward strokes to relieve tension in the facial muscles, boost blood circulation, encourage lymphatic drainage, improving skin complexion, draining toxins and reduces water retention. Guasha facial results in an instant visible lifting while smoothing away fine lines and plumping up the skin. Bojin Eye Treatment involves stimulation in which the skin is gently pressed with jade instrument to promote ‘Qi’ flow. Bojin Eye Treatment is also a revitalizing and rejuvenating treatment that reduces dark circles, puffy eyes, and eye bags. With the enhance blood circulation, eyes look less tired. I really enjoy the Guasha Facial & Bojin Eye Treatment session, and my face is lifted, with more obvious jawline and radiance stored. Eyes appeared less droopy, and I looked like I just woke up from an 8 hrs sleep. Olivia took the extra step to help me shape my brows and added Cool Therapy to soothe my skin. I am looking forward to my next session.⁣




1.     Cleanse⁣
⁣2.     Exfoliation⁣
⁣3.     Eyebrow shaping⁣
⁣4.     Manual extraction⁣
⁣5.     Antiseptic cream was applied⁣
⁣6.     Massage⁣
⁣7.     Eye Bojin⁣
⁣8.     Face Gua Sha⁣
⁣9.     Shoulder massage⁣
⁣10.  Mask⁣
⁣11.  Cool Therapy⁣
⁣12.  Head massage⁣

Try it to believe:⁣⁣
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