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Pamper Yourself with Facial Guasha + Bojin at Chrysalis

@xavvylicious - Guasha + Bojin Facial

My month end pampering at @chrysalismediaesthetic before solo parenting begins the next month for 3 weeks.

This time, I tried out Facial Guasha + Bojin. If you do experience puffy face, you should probably give facial guasha a try as this treatment helps to eliminate fluid build-up from water retention and also to help promote lymphatic drainage.

It was very gentle on the skin but yet very effective to loosen up the muscular tension on our face. This is also one good way to keep fine lines away.

Bojin, I am sure needs no explanation to most, a non-invasive yet very effective facial treatment for firming and lifting.

It can also help to promote blood circulation as well as bring relief to our tired eyes and smoothen out the fine lines. It worked wonders in unblocking my blocked nose with just the massage on the acupressure points under the cheekbone. It's so comfortable to be able to breathe through my nose properly!

The entire session of Guasha + Bojin Facial was completed with a mask! By just working on half my face. I could observe the difference it had made!

For those of you who asked for the comfort level, I would say it's 9.5 out of 10! It's not painful at all but I do experience a sore sensation behind my ears down to the neck. That part is likely to be having some congestion underneath.

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I went to the outlet at:
🌟 AMK Hub #03-26 | Tel: 6481 9270 / WA 98264905

There are other outlets at:
🌟Eastpoint Mall #02-34 | Tel:  6587 3310 / WA 8028 0731
🌟Jurong Point #03-04 | Tel:  6265 8308 / WA 8318 9085
🌟Centrepoint #03-24 | Tel:  6884 9636 / WA 9635 3999
🌟Westgate #B1-43 | Tel: 6567 5393 / WA 9638 7290

⌚Operating Hours:
Mondays - Friday: 11:00am - 9:00pm
Saturday & Sundays & Public Holidays: 10:00am – 7:00pm

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