chrysalisspa IPL Treatments for Hair Removal & Skin Rejuvenation




IPL or known as Intense Pulse Light is a treatment that can be used for various purposes. From removing unwanted hair, reducing the sign of aging, lightening the darker patches of skin, and more. With this technology, it can help with the mentioned conditions in a shorter time than most laser therapy.


It works similarly with laser treatment but uses light energy to target problem areas. It uses multiple wavelengths of lights upon these areas, creates heat in the cells to remove damaged areas. This process is painless, with minimal or no downtime, and can be used on any part of the body. IPLis also a non-ablative resurfacing technique, which targets the lower layers of skin (dermis) without affecting the top layers of skin (epidermis).


Pro merit of IPL

-Uses light energy to treat various conditions

-Able to target small to large problem areas

-Painless, safe with minimal to no downtime

-Non-ablative resurfacing technique


Let us Light up the way to a beautiful new you!