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Always on the lookout for ways to firm up my skin and the opportunity to try IMALIFT Face Lifting for a V-Shaped Face is too good to pass!!✌️✌️✌️@chrysalismediaesthetic

✨️✨️ IMALIFT is a non-invasive painless facelifting procedure that uses targeted thermal & ultrasound energy to stimulate collagen and elastin synthesis within our skin. This allows for a gradual lifting of the skin. It also treats Hyperpigmentation which is broken apart and cleared off with the increased rate of skin regeneration.

This 1hr process is completed with extraction, application of collagen gel, machine treatment and masking at the end. 💕💕💕

It is especially useful against sagging skin, sagging eyes, sagging jawline and other telltale signs of aging! A good way to turn back time on aging!!

The therapist said that I might feel some soreness on the cheek muscles the next day but it's been 3 days now and I don't feel any soreness. Happy with the visible lifting Results 👍👍👍

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