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Cellulite is a complicated condition that affects women of all ages, body types, and fitness levels– from female triathletes to stay-at-home moms. Most women do their best to watch what they eat and make sure they get enough exercise. This is great for weight loss, but for most cases of cellulite, something more is needed.

Cellulite occurs when fat cells directly under the skin expand in clumps and tug at the connective tissue from underneath, creating a dimpled appearance on the surface. Since exercise and diet have little effect on cellulite, it is believed that hormonal signals play a role in this process. So what you have are expanded fat cells, contracted tissue fibers tugging from below, and fluid congestion from poor skin circulation, all contributing to the menace we call cellulite.

Our Cellulite Repair Concentrate on the areas prone to cellulite and fluid retention. This special therapy nourishes the meridian channels of the leg, relevant acupressure points area activated to speed up the drainage of toxins from your legs. It also assist to activate metabolism, clear fat deposits and reduce the outlook of cellulite.


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