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How often do you care for your bust & womb health?

I do not know the importance of caring for them until my circle of friends shared about the common women health issues, such as breast & ovary cancer, even at young age.

I went to try @chrysalismediaesthetic Bust & Ovarian Therapy recently. The therapist massaged my bust & abdomen with ginger oil that makes the whole session so relaxing. There was no pain at all, just some soreness at certain points because I have some blockages 😖. She also shared with me her experience & knowledge of women health, which helps me to understand my body better. One thing I like about them is their therapists are certified and helped me to tackle what my body needs instead of just a standard therapy / massage.

The Bust Therapy helps to improve bust shape, stimulates anti-aging hormones, drains toxins and dissolve fluid like cysts. My bust feels softer to touch after the first session 😝.

The Ovarian Womb Therapy helps with hormone imbalance, detox the lymphatic system, improve overall womb health and irregular menstrual cycles & flow. Some may feel some tenderness or soreness on the next day, for me, I only felt my tummy is less bloated.

Share this with your female friends too, it's never too late for prevention! Make an appointment at @chrysalismediaesthetic today!

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Mondays - Friday: 11:00am - 9:00pm
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