chrysalisspa @setmealloh - LA-JIN session (TCM)
Moxa Massage | LA-JIN session | Chrysalis

@setmealloh - LA-JIN session (TCM)

Finally able to get back into my handstand goal 💪🏻

Big shoutout to @chrysalismediaesthetic for helping me relief my post rotator cuff injury pain. They approach me at the most apt time which was earlier this month when I suffered a pretty serious shoulder blade/rotator cuff injury. I was still feeling constant knots and pain but after the LA-JIN session (TCM) with their therapist (who was very knowledgeable and thankfully my mandarin skills still not too bad so I was able to get lots of tips and advice from her), I finally felt that I am on the road to recovery and I am officially pain free today!

Their customer service was also impeccable from trying to understand my requirements and also the background to how I sustain my injury so they can find the most suitable treatment for me.

The massage room was also super clean and soothing (this is very important for me hahaha) which is a big plus!

Honestly I highly recommend them since they basically made me 100x happier after the session and massage 🙏🫰🏻

Do check them out!