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✅Multi-functional Ultrasonic Face Massager

Multi-functional Care
Our skin care device is different from the ordinary product, the 5-in-1 function, and the fuselage is equipped with a sensor strip. Only the hand-held machine can conduct positive and negative ions, which is the real realization of the ion function. It accelerates blood circulation and metabolism, improves skin pigmentation, cleans skin cells, removes unnecessary oils, and effectively tightens facial skin.


Vibration Massaging

This Anti Aging Face Massager features micro-frequency vibration, it can promote the nutrient absorption of the mask, promote blood circulation, reduce red blood, dark circles, bags under the eyes, dark spots, freckles, and solve the problems of sagging and sagging skin.

Ion Cleaning and Beauty

Positive ions cause dirt, grease, and keep skin clean and fresh. Negative ions bring nutrition, nourish and nourish the skin.

Hot Compress Effect

It helps to relax the muscles, relieves the pain and soreness, stimulates the blood circulation to accelerate, promotes the opening of the pores, and doubles the absorption of the skin.

Light Care

This skin tightening machine features two color lighting treatments.Red Light - removes spots, improves pigmentation, brightens skin tone, improves dull and aging skin, keeps skin fair and smooth; Blue Light - repairs damaged skin, controls oil Eliminate acne and acne.

Suggestions for use
The face massager machine will turn off automatically after used 15 mins, you can just restart it and continue. And we recommend that use the face care machine 2-3 times/week, 10-15 min/time.


✅Dr. GLO Brighten Up

The multi-functional hydrating sleeping mask not only restores moisture to the skin, it also keeps skin hydrated for up to 48 hours and improves the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. It helps lighten and even out skin tone, restore skin health and improve
the overall appearance of the skin.

Direction: Apply onto cleansed face at night before bedtime and leave it till next morning.


✅Dr. GLO Glow 2 Go

With Saccharide Isomerate, a natural carbohydrate complex with probiotic extracts, it provides 72 hours of deep hydration and balances skin microbiome. It allows actives to penetrate and hydrate deep layers of the skin to form a film on the skin to retain and prevent moisture loss.

Direction: Every morning and/or evening, apply evenly over thoroughly cleansed face and neck until absorbed. For better result, apply after Moisture Hydra Serum.


✅Dr. GLO Glow Achiever

A ‘clear-glass’ skin concept of a clear, moisturized, translucent and luminous skin. It is a preparatory product with peptides, lactic acid and allantoin that not only prepares skin to better absorb our serums and creams, it also reveals the inner glow of skin and restores its bio-harmony. The skin become crystal-clear, dewy and transparent for a flawless and glowing skin appearance.

Direction: Every night, apply evenly over thoroughly cleansed face and neck. For better result, apply before Cells Revival Serum.

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