chrysalisspa @yennybow - Moxalift 4-in-1 Back Detox
@yennybow - Moxalift 4-in-1 Back Detox

@yennybow - Moxalift 4-in-1 Back Detox

Been having back aches especially my lower left hip and it's been on and off for weeks. So decided to moxalift 4-1 back detox at

Moxalift is a combine of 4 different well-known TCM treatments: Gua Sha, Ba
Guan, Acupuncture & Tui Na.

The therapist knew my ache point and focus on that spot to ease the problem. Started with a guasha massage followed by Baguan to promote blood flow then targeting specific acupoints and sweeping motion technique across the meridian
channels helps with lymphatic drainage and to reduce
water retention.

It's painless and I kinda enjoyed the session throughout. I feel refresh, my muscle is less tense and my backache has improved tremendeously.

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