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GERnetic International Argini


• Softening, to treat dry skin• Soothing for irritated, oily skin• Astringent for oily skin• Anti-inflammatory for acneIngredientsKaolin - soothing, relaxingChamomile - calming, anti-irritantWitch hazel - astringent, decongestantCucumber - refreshing, soothingSweet almond oil - hydratingApplicationsWhen...

GERnetic International Cells Life


Cells Life high tech anti-aging serum with Hyaluronic Acid, a natural moisture boosting ingredient to help plump up the skin cells by restoring collagen and elastin, plumping up fine lines and reducing the look of...

GERnetic International Concentrated Repairer


1. Improves sagging skin tone 2. Delivers anti-aging skin care to stop skin wrinkles from forming3. Moisturizes dehydrated skin4. Stimulates collagen production5. Promotes skin regeneration

GERnetic International Cytobi


Cytobi is suitable for imperfections and signs of normal aging. However, Cytobi can be used for the most difficult cases after application of SYNCHRO and/or NUCLEA1. Powerful skin regenerating cream2. Very effective against premature ageing3....

GERnetic International Derma


Gernetic Derma Face Wash is an oily skin care cleanser.Derma Face Wash can also be used as specialty skin care for teens with acne. IngredientsAmphiphilic aminoacid - skin protection, regulates skin oil production, fights bacteriaAmphoteric...

GERnetic International Endo Special Plus Serum


• ENDO Special + stimulates and balances the bust functions.• ENDO Special + treats a sagging bust, underdeveloped or overdeveloped bust.• Alcohol free IngredientsHorsetail extract - nourishingBiotechnological filtrate - provides cell growth factorOligo-pepide - collagen...

GERnetic International Eye Contour Gel


GERnetic International Eye Contour Gel stimulates collagen synthesis. With its decongestant action, it restores the skin firmness and elasticity and diminishes bags under the eyes. Suitable for all skin types, especially dehydrated skin, bags under...


GERnetic International Fibro


• Non-alcoholic, restores PH of the skin, removes last traces of make-up.• Based on plant extracts, it can be used on eye pads to relieve puffiness.• Suitable lotion for all skin types, including sensitive skin....

GERnetic International Glyco


• Smooth, refreshing make-up remover• Brings comfort and softness eliminates all traces of make up and debris• Glyco milk can be used by all skin types, sensitive and acneic included Ingredients:Hydrolyzed milk glycoproteins - tone...

GERnetic International Immuno


Gernetic immuno cream treats:* aging skin* cystic acne* acne treatment* stretch marks ApplicationsFor antiaging skin care and for stretchmarks treatment:1. Mix in equal parts with synchro and apply with gentle strokes2. Apply a few drops...

GERnetic International Macro 2000


Quick Overview:1. This treatment will benefit women who need a bust development treatment, bust lifting.2. It supplies essential nutrition through the skin.3. It stimulates metabolism4. It increases cellular respiration5. It increases production of collagen6. It...

GERnetic International Masque Yuex


1. Reduces puffiness around the eyes.2. Reduces dark circles under the eyes3. Relaxing & calming4. Prevent & reduce fine wrinkles around the eyes IngredientsKaolin - natural, soothing artichoke extracts - toning, astringent, decongestant chamomile -...

GERnetic International Mito Special +


• Gernetic mito special+ is a serum that stimulates and nourishes cells• Prepares skin to better absorb regenerating creams Ingredients:Hydrolyzed proteins & plant glycoproteins - wrinkle smoothing, anti-aging8 essential amino-acids - protein buildersApplications:• Apply at...

GERnetic International Myo Myoso


Myo myoso cream offers:• Tightening effect on the small face muscles• A smoothing effect on the skin for anti-aging skin care• Restoring effect around the eye and lip for wrinkle-free skin care IngredientsSoluble marine collagen...

GERnetic International Nuclea


Nuclea cream is an anti-aging cream designed to work in conjunction with Synchro and Cytobi in cases of:• Premature ageing• Deep wrinkles for anti-aging skin care• Dehydration• Severe cases of inflamed acne• Scars• Psoriasis• Vitiligo•...

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