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Dr. GLO Brighten Up


The multi-functional hydrating sleeping mask not only restores moisture to the skin, it also keeps skin hydrated for up to 48 hours and improves the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. It helps lighten and...

Dr. GLO Eye Lifter


The serum is formulated to effectively brighten up the eye area, provide eye-lifting effect, reduce wrinkles, fade dark circles and hydrate the eye area. It targets and lifts the folds of sagging upper eyelid and...

Dr. GLO Face Quencher


A blend of rich nourishing ingredients of 4 hyaluronic acids and Polyglutamic Acid with remarkable water holding capacity of 4000 times of its own weight to retain moisture, radiance and elasticity. It forms a 3D...

Dr. Glo Gentle Cleansing Gel


The hydrating Gentle Cleansing Gel deeply cleanses the skin without causing skin dryness. It contains cucumber extract and NMF Complex that is rich in vitamins and minerals and promotes intense hydration to the skin. Direction:...


Dr. GLO Glow 2 Go


With Saccharide Isomerate, a natural carbohydrate complex with probiotic extracts,it provides 72 hours of deep hydration and balances skin microbiome. It allowsactives to penetrate and hydrate deep layers of the skin to form a film...

Dr. GLO Glow Achiever


A ‘clear-glass’ skin concept of a clear, moisturized, translucent and luminous skin. It is a preparatory product with peptides, lactic acid and allantoin that not only prepares skin to better absorb our serums and creams,...

Dr. GLO Skin Brightener


A 3rd generation Intense Serum that effectively brightens up skin and reduces skin pigmentation. It not only inhibits melanogensis, it also helps to effectively reduce melanin via autophagy mechanism. With combination of other tyrosinase inhibitor,...

Dr. GLO Sun Blocker


The natural, ultra-lightweight sunblock provides a bright and radiant look on the skin. It is a 100% mineral filter sunblock, does not clog pores and does not feel oily on skin. It helps improve uneven...

Dr. GLO Young Forever


A luxurious elixir that defies skin aging, delays skin aging process and reveals skin inner glow. The combined encapsulated active peptides help boost serum’s efficacy, activate EGF receptor and promote continuous skin renewal and hydration....

Dr. GLO Youthful Glow


An essence-rich and moisturizing cream with satin-like feel on skin. It delays skin aging and activates EGF receptor to promote skin renewal and regeneration. With Glycol Moist and Liquid Satin, it provides long lasting hydrating...

Dr. GLO Youthful Look


A light-textured AHA Gel that is gentle on skin and provides mild, non-peeling exfoliation. It promotes collagen synthesis and improves blood circulation. Combine with niacinamide and aloe vera extracts to even out skin tone and...

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