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Recovery Cream is the first breathable colour corrective treatment that combines cosmetic and skincare technology to promote post procedure healing, soothe sensitive skin, rejuvenate and camouflage at the same time. Overcome any skin problem with this buildable coverage that features an elegant matte finish. A luminous light coverage that gives the skin a healthy vibrant glow. Perfect for when you need light coverage and a little brightness to keep you looking radiant throughout the day.

Key Benefits:
- Suitable for immediate post procedure application
- Promotes skin healing
- Reduces pain and heat sensation
- Proven non-irritating for sensitive skin types
- Non-comedogenic & hypoallergenic
- Increases collagen & elastic synthesis
- Provides natural camouflage that feels light as air
- SPF 30, UVA & UVB protection
- Reduces transpidermal water loss (TEWR)

Direction: Apply a small amount of product to fingertips and spread evenly on skin. Reapply as needed.

Ingredients: Titanium Dioxide 6.5%, Zinc Oxide 8.2%, Lyco Complex (Blend of 13 Antioxidants)

About I.A.C
Doctor-created and medically approved, I.A.C medi-skincare products are clinical grade solutions specially formualted to suit different skin types. I.A.C medi-skincare products focus on using cutting-edge ingredients to help your skin achieve an effortless glow.

I.A.C medi-skincare presents an exclusive range of products which are thoroughly tested for both effectiveness and safety to address your skin's biggest problems, leaving you with smooth looking and revitalized complexion.
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