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Bust Detox | 20-30 mins


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Beautiful Bust starts from Chrysalis™

Beautiful, firmer and bigger breasts are what many women dream of. Until now, plastic
surgery and implants were the only solution.

However, operations are not only expensive, the results might not always be the desired ones and the long-term effects on health are unknown.

Modern women today are particularly sentient about breast care, as an aspect of overall health as well as personal aesthetics. However, the desire to make the most of this perceptible feminine feature may induce risks and long-term damage to their breasts.

Causes that compromise Breasts Health:

  • Pre-Menstrual Congestion
  • Poor Posture
  • Excess Waste Products lodged in Fatty Tissues of the Breasts
  • Tight-Fitting & Underwired Bras that restrict Natural Lymph Flow

Possess your own set of full, heavy breasts that bounce and sway when you walk, have the sort of cleavage or curves that don’t depend on a push-up bra, Chrysalis™ Bust Treatment (since 2001) is just for you!

Bust Detox Treatment

Wouldn’t you like to pamper your beautiful bosoms to dramatically improve the shape and size for a fuller and more symmetrical appearance? That too with the adaptation of a completely non-invasive, relaxing procedure with no downtime!

With our relaxing, oh-so heavenly bust massage, you don’t have to rely on surgical knives for a natural, graceful, and attractive appearance.

No Saline, Silicone, or Gummy! Just organic, relaxing massaging for a well-toned bosom.

丰胸效果显著,无痛无创, 不服药,无副作用,无打针






Bust Enhancement:

Not having the desired size and shape of breasts can be significantly detrimental to a woman’s self-esteem in the era when people believe in ‘bigger the better.’

Our treatment adds fullness to naturally small breasts and enhances the shrunken ones caused due to lifestyle factors or aging processes.

Bust Contouring:

Helps to make your breasts more shapely and balanced.

You no longer have to rely on concealer and highlighter to master the art of creating the illusion of a bigger bust. Our subtle treatment focuses on bust contouring which gets rid of conditions like tubular breasts and mild sagginess.

Your ideal bustline and cleavage is a just massage away. Bid farewell to the sagginess and say a happy hello to the firmness.


Upon completing this bus treatment, what will I notice?

By stimulating acupuncture points, breasts and mammary lobes, this causes hormone secretion which will stimulate a “second puberty”, which will increase your bust size, at the same time pushing the fat in the surrounding area to the front of the chest to make the chest more centered, lifted and offset the appearance of sagging. This treatment can also help alleviate postpartum changes to the breasts. The Bust Treatment will help to lift and bring the firmness back to your chest.

How many sessions will I need for this treatment?

Complete 10 sessions within 10 weeks to achieve the best result from this bust treatment.


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