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GERnetic International Myo Myoso


Myo myoso cream offers:• Tightening effect on the small face muscles• A smoothing effect on the skin for anti-aging skin care• Restoring effect around the eye and lip for wrinkle-free skin care IngredientsSoluble marine collagen...

GERnetic International Nuclea


Nuclea cream is an anti-aging cream designed to work in conjunction with Synchro and Cytobi in cases of:• Premature ageing• Deep wrinkles for anti-aging skin care• Dehydration• Severe cases of inflamed acne• Scars• Psoriasis• Vitiligo•...

GERnetic International Immuno


Gernetic immuno cream treats:* aging skin* cystic acne* acne treatment* stretch marks ApplicationsFor antiaging skin care and for stretchmarks treatment:1. Mix in equal parts with synchro and apply with gentle strokes2. Apply a few drops...

GERnetic International Masque Yuex


1. Reduces puffiness around the eyes.2. Reduces dark circles under the eyes3. Relaxing & calming4. Prevent & reduce fine wrinkles around the eyes IngredientsKaolin - natural, soothing artichoke extracts - toning, astringent, decongestant chamomile -...

GERnetic International Cytobi


Cytobi is suitable for imperfections and signs of normal aging. However, Cytobi can be used for the most difficult cases after application of SYNCHRO and/or NUCLEA1. Powerful skin regenerating cream2. Very effective against premature ageing3....

GERnetic International Argini


• Softening, to treat dry skin• Soothing for irritated, oily skin• Astringent for oily skin• Anti-inflammatory for acneIngredientsKaolin - soothing, relaxingChamomile - calming, anti-irritantWitch hazel - astringent, decongestantCucumber - refreshing, soothingSweet almond oil - hydratingApplicationsWhen...

GERnetic International Macro 2000


Quick Overview:1. This treatment will benefit women who need a bust development treatment, bust lifting.2. It supplies essential nutrition through the skin.3. It stimulates metabolism4. It increases cellular respiration5. It increases production of collagen6. It...

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