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Bust Therapy After Breastfeeding | Chrysalis Media Aesthetic

@shiela_matias - Bust Detox

I had been wanting to do a bust detox after breastfeeding Dylan, and guess what, it finally happened after 6years😂 

I didn’t give much priority, if I may say, so I let it be, til the opportunity came. The therapist was very professionally skilled and was 💯 effort in massaging (30 mins total for both) and explaining to me the details of her observation, like the left is a bit bigger, there is a blockage too, and gave me advise. I wouldn’t know if I didn’t do this right?🙏

Not a lot of women are knowledgeable in this, but symptoms like sagging bust are just one of the few concerns that could be seen and these are sure signs of hormonal ageing and imbalance.

Benefits of Bust Therapy:
❤️Improves bust shape
❤️Stimulate anti-ageing hormones
❤️Drains toxins and dissolve fluid like cyst

Bust Therapy assists to break up stagnation around the bust area which in turn keep the bust with a healthy flow of Qi and blood. The body is also able to emit anti-ageing hormones such as oxytocin and estrogen during the process. It also prevents sagging bust as it tightens and tones the muscles around the bust.

Hope you ladies gained some insights on this! Try it if you feel you need to, don’t wait long like I did!☺️