chrysalisspa @bakencookwith3 - 3 Deep Face and Eyes Treatment
@bakencookwith3 - 3 Deep Face and Eyes Treatment

@bakencookwith3 - 3 Deep Face and Eyes Treatment

I just tried the 3 Deep Face and Eyes treatment @chrysalismediaesthetic, a non invasive and painless procedure for face lifting and reducing frown line + eye bags

The therapist, QQ, started by doing a thorough cleanse of my face, followed by cleaning up my bushy eyebrows 😜, then removing all whiteheads and blackheads.

She started doing the right part of my face first, so I can see the comparison between before and after treatment straight away. So impressive! It worked like magic! (swipe pictures to see the Before and After photo).

She then gave a good face massage before applying mask to calm my skin. While waiting, she gave a neck, back and shoulder massage. Felt so good until I fell asleep 😴.

After the session, she sent me to a powder room to tidy up before heading out.

Such a good experience for someone like me who doesn’t really do this kinda treatment. And btw there is no downtime! Will I be back? Yes, sure!

Thank you Catherine @chrysalismediaesthetic for the hospitality and @william82sg for the arrangement.

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