chrysalisspa @mrsyuen123 - Al Alice-7 Robot Massage
@mrsyuen123 - Al Alice-7 Robot Massage

@mrsyuen123 - Al Alice-7 Robot Massage

[ Chrysalis Spa - AI Alice-7 Massage Robot ]

Decided to pamper myself at Chrysalis Spa @chrysalismediaesthetic as I was intrigued by one of their treatments, which is AI Alice-7 Massage Robot 😍

Its cutting-edge technology delivers a massage tailored to individual needs, and what I like about it is that it targets specific areas of my body discomfort with precision👍

Initially, I was a little worried because I thought that it's just the massage robot and me, and I was worried about the technical difficulties if anything happened..

However, my worries went away as there was a therapist who would be in the room together to ensure that everything is okay.

The robot started on my back first before going to my waist area which was soooooo shiokkkk 👍

I was in so much comfort that I fall 😴

I woke up feeling energized and recharged❤️

Chrysalis Spa also offers a variety of treatments that range from facial and TCM to massages.

Come and check them out at
📍 Chrysalis Spa at AMK Hub
53 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 3 Tel: 64819270 | Whatsapp: 98264905
#03-26, S569933

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