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@karengadsabout - Bamboo Cellulite Massage

I've been able to lose weight but cellulite on my thigh is the BFF i never wanted yet so hard to break up with haha, anyone feels me?⁣

I was recommended to try the Cellulite Bamboo Massage @chrysalismediaesthetic @amkhub. Since it's a No Pain, No Pills, No Downtime, Non-Invasive treatment, I thought, why not! ⁣

It's my 1st time here but i was quickly assured by my skillful therapist Xiao Rong, who described every step to me throughout as i was lying face down. The Cellulite Bamboo Massage on my thighs employs 2-in-1 Curated Massage Steps - 1st with deep tissue massage on lymphatic points to break up fat deposits & drain off our body's lymphatic system. It also helps stretch out skin tissues as well as cellulite dimples too. A bamboo tool was then used to further encourage lymphatic flow & circulation, which aids detoxification & weight loss as well. Xiao Rong was so confident of the treatment that she asked me to compare both my legs after she finished on my 1st - boy, I can't describe in words how much lighter the worked one was! She explained that it shows the importance of us detoxing our lymphatic system to aid all health & wellness issues!⁣

Bid goodbye to dimpling & lumping of skin!⁣
Come join me in my wellness journey with @chrysalismediaesthetic & 1st timers or new customers can quote us <belandbray> for 20% off! ⁣

The outlet i visited is located at #03-26 @AMKHub but you can also visit their other outlets at Eastpoint Mall, Jurong Point & Pacific Plaza. ⁣

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