chrysalisspa @mz_prada - AI Alice-7 Massage Robot and Aijiu
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@mz_prada - AI Alice-7 Massage Robot and Aijiu

Went to @chrysalismediaesthetic to try their Western + Chinese treatment, getting the best of both worlds!

Catherine is very knowledgeable on all their different treatments and she understands my body well so she recommended for me to try their AI Alice-7 Massage Robot and Aijiu!

Massage Robot is very good to target the tension. It is very precise and customised towards each individual needs. It also penetrates to the deepest tissue which normal human hands are unable to reach!

I ended my treatment with Aijiu whereby they use herbs and heat to release dampness in my body. It is so soothing and relaxing that I fell asleep!

Do come down to discuss with Catherine what is best for your body as everyone has different concerns. They have all kinds of treatment for everyone!

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