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Achieve a Youthful Neckline with 3Deep Neck Lifting at Chrysalis

@cherryqq02 - 3Deep Neck Lifting

Achieve a sexy neckline in no time!

Am here to try out a 3Deep neck lifting treatment with @chrysalismediaesthetic. This is my first time caring for my neck and the results were effective in one try! Did you know that sagging and wrinkles can reveal a woman’s age?

I experienced a deep neck lift, a non-surgical procedure that firms, sculpts, and refines the contours of the neck. During a 60-minute 3Deep neck lifting session, the therapist used the FDA-approved Endymed 3DEEP treatment, utilizing radio frequency technology to delicately warm the skin’s deeper layers. This controlled heating stimulated the collagen fibers, inducing them to contract effectively. Following this, an oat mask and moisturizer were applied, further amplifying the improvement in the appearance of sagging or loose skin of mine. The 3Deep neck lifting results have been truly satisfying—I’ve noticed smoother, firmer skin that exudes a more youthful radiance.

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