Women Meridian Wellness

Chrysalis™ Meridian Wellness Therapy

Meridian massage stimulates acupressure points along the meridian channels aiming to unblock the qi blockage. The range of customized chrysalis™ meridian wellness therapy uses chrysalis™ special blended meridian wellness essence, a 100% natural, botanical herbal essence that effectively complement the treatments balancing hormones to optimal level.

How can it benefit you after birth?

For the postnatal woman, it is very important to regulate your hormonal cycle after delivery. The chrysalis™ meridian wellness therapy targets to rebalance our body qi, energy and blood. Using a unique chrysalis™ specially blended meridian wellness essence, the chrysalis™ meridian wellness massage techniques target the meridian channels of the body. This premium treatment boost quick delivery of the goodness in the chrysalis™ special blend meridian wellness essence to maximise the efficiency of the treatments.
  • Boost qi, improved blood circulation
  • Increase metabolic rate to help in weight loss
  • Firmer body skin tone
  • Soften cellulite
  • Firm bust line & prevents sagging breasts
  • Re-balancing hormonal cycle
  • Relieve bloated tummy & constipation
  • Reduces water retention
  • Relieve back pain
  • Reduce fatigue
  • Relieve numbness
  • Improve skin rashes
  • Regulate womb functions
  • Prevent postnatal depression
  • Regain pre-pregnacy charm
  • Improve youthfulness