All in all, I enjoyed both massages, and having a better idea of the health benefits of it all-Charlotte

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What is unique about the nano stem cell treatment is how these nano stem cells can turn into several kinds of cells, depending on the user’s skin issue. Sounds a lot like a customised facial, right? Plus, it targets cellular proteins such as collagen and elastin which allow us to maintain the flexibility and structure of our skin – the key to looking young forever.

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I LOVED LOVED LOVED the facial massage their beauty therapist gave me. It was so very comfortable. She was also very open and friendly about sharing tips and her knowledge about my skin’s condition.
She made me feel at ease talking to her, basically.

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As there was no mirror in the room, I took a selfie to check if my skin was red from the extraction process, I was surprised that my face was glowing without a sign of redness.

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