All in all, I enjoyed both massages, and having a better idea of the health benefits of it all-Charlotte
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What is unique about the nano stem cell treatment is how these nano stem cells can turn into several kinds of cells, depending on the user’s skin issue. Sounds a lot like a customised facial, right? Plus, it targets cellular proteins such as collagen and elastin which allow us to maintain the flexibility and structure of our skin – the key to looking young forever.
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As there was no mirror in the room, I took a selfie to check if my skin was red from the extraction process, I was surprised that my face was glowing without a sign of redness.
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Chrysalis Spa is a one-stop spa heaven in Singapore that delivers many sought-after beauty, wellness, and health treatments. Their spa therapists are all trained and skilled in providing a soothing and comfortable experience for the customers. This very tranquil, Asian & Western hybrid concept spa offer s unique treatments from East Asia, such as Asian massages, exotic body scrubs and mud wraps.
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