Teeth Whitening

Chrysalis™ Teeth Whitening is a fast and easy way of removing stains from teeth that are both effective and safe. This is achieved by using RF technology combined with Chrysalis toothpaste application. Our toothpaste contains no dangerous toxins or chemicals. It is friendly to the enamel and lining compared with existing whitening treatments. The ingredients are widely used in commercially available whitening toothpaste which is based on a combination of Sodium Hexametaphosphate and Sodium Fluoride.

How does it work? 

Three stages of mechanism action:

Stage 1:

  • RF Current catalyzes whitening formulation’s ingredients by charging the molecules
  • The charged molecules change their form into unstable molecules

Stage 2:

  • Teeth stains contain a chromophore which is mainly a protein
  • The charged molecules will create a chemical bond (Covalent connection) with the chromophore (mainly the stains behind the enamel) due to opposite electrical charge. This will result in a new complex.

Stage 3:

  • Rapid changes in the current polarity and high surface tension of the complex will pull out the chromophore from the enamel and break down the chromophore, whitening tooth as the end results.

The process is simple with no hassle. It not only whitens teeth, it also has rejuvenating effects on the gums and refreshes the mouth. Book an appointment now and start your amazing smiling journey!