Post-Natal Body Massage

Post-Natal Body Massage is a therapy for Mothers. It assist them back to their pre-pregnancy form and rejuvenates the abdominal wall muscle and uterus.
This massage is recommended to be done one week after normal delivery and 4 to 6 weeks after C-section. Do check with your doctor first for approval before going for this massage.

The benefits of doing this massage includes:

  • Relax tension in the muscle
  • Massage will help out in reducing stress
  • Ease sore area like lower back, hips, abdomen
  • Better well-being and immune system by stimulating the lymph flow
  • Increased blood circulation and oxygen to your muscles to get rid of the toxins
  • Encourage the release of Endorphins, a kind of hormones which is a natural pain killer.
  • Help to speed up the recovery after a C-section. Gentle massage to the area will boost the blood supply and assist with internal healing
  • Helps to release oxytocin that triggers the let-down reflex which releases milk from the breast. It will help to open blocked ducts, loosen clumps and hardened area that reduce the risk of mastitis.