Thermal Stimulation Therapy

Thermal Stimulation Therapy is one of China’s most ancient art of healing. Its herbal physical therapy originated in ancient times and had lasted for thousands of years. By using the Ai oil (or essential oils penetrate) to produce a comprehensive warm flow of qi in meridians or around the affected areas of the body, it helps to enhance vitality and blood circulation, promote greater health and well-being and at the same time moisturize the skin.

Thermal Stimulation Therapy in China has a history of thousands of years. Its effective treatment has been proven by numerous clinical practices.

  1. Local thermal stimulation effect

Thermal Stimulation Therapy is done through burning above the acupuncture points of the body to stimulate the body “qi” in order to achieve the purpose of treatment and prevention. It penetrates deep into the skin to enhance blood circulation, strengthen skin tissues and excretion of toxins. Thermal Stimulation Therapy provides the necessary energy for the body’s activities and restores the body’s normal functions.

  1. Meridian regulation

The Meridian Theory is the important part of Chinese medicine and forms the foundation of the science of moxibustion. It plays the role of regulating the body self-control and coordination system as well as processing information and communication for a comprehensive analytical process of the mind.

  1. Other Roles

Thermal Stimulation Therapy effect can regulate the body’s immune function to balance the “qi” and “yin” and “yang” as a whole. This helps in the treatment of diseases in the body.

In summary, Thermal Stimulation Therapy plays a significant role in the maintaining a healthy mind and body.