Miracle Sole Treatment

An effective miracle callous removal and sole renewal treatment

Includes Foot Scrub and Foot Paraffin

Full treatment cares exclusively from France using only pure natural plant extracts to solve your feet problems such as calluses, corns, peeling and cracking.

Treatment for hard calluses using pre-soaked pads to soften and remove tough calluses. Pre-soaked pads are applied on hard calluses area to soften hard calluses for about 10-20 mins. Hard calluses are then removed using the spatula and then foot file.


(1) Ushered to the feet treatment area.

(2) Soaked the feet in lukewarm water

(3) Followed by an application of Miracle Feet Treatment callus remover with cotton wool to remove the dead skin. With the cotton wool pressed against the feet and wrapped feet with plastic for 20 minutes.

(4) After 20 minutes, nail technician scraped away the callus using a spatula. A gargantuan amount of dirt and dead skin came off the feet with the rigorous scrapping.

(5) Filed the feet with a huge feet filer.

(6) The next step was to scrub the feet.

(7) Massaged the feet.