Neck, Back, Upper and Full Body Lajin (Nerves)

Have you ever wonder what is Lajin? It is actually a Chinese word that means stretching of tendon or pulling of ligaments. Doing this helps to relax the muscles and lengthen the tendons and ligaments that aid in reducing pains and increase flexibility and comfort. It is especially good for everyone who are desk-bounded, which helps to reduce fatigue due to long hours of sitting.

There are many benefits for doing this such as reducing:

  • Shoulders, Neck, Back and Lumbar stiffness and pains
  • Waist, Elbow, Knee and Leg pains, inflexibility and inflammations
  • Inability in bending down, stretching the legs or groin, raising the thighs
  • Difficulty in walking after sitting or lying, turning around
  • Numbness and aching in body