Franchise Opportunity

Starting a spa from scratch can be an uphill task. First, you will need to develop a strong saleable concept that appeals to an audience that is already spoilt for choice. Then you will have to bring in the right people, technology and products. Once your business takes off, you will need at least a few years to build a clientele base and establish a reputation.
Compare this against taking up a franchise with a reputable brand like Chrysalis™. With all the groundwork laid out, the road to success is already paved for you.
Chrysalis™ takes great care in selecting and nurturing Master and Area Franchisees. Franchisee opportunities are currently available for Singapore and outside Singapore, and we welcome your interest.
If you have the passion for the spa industry and an unwavering dedication to succeed in business, we welcome you as a Chrysalis™ franchisee. Our comprehensive franchise assistance programme comprises:

Brand Image

Chrysalis™ brand will continue through its service offerings and attention to brand presence, which includes:
  • Participation in exhibitions and road shows to maintain a strong brand image.
  • Strong below-the-line brand placements on tourist maps and selected in-flight advertising.
  • Targeted magazine advertising focused on women and busy executives, as well as spa and tourist related advertising media.
  • Strong affiliation incentives for travel and tourist agencies to strengthen and expand the branding image on worldwide network.


The Chrysalis™ Group approach incorporates the unique calm and soothing ambience of out outlet. Complete with soft lights, gentle background music and monitored air-conditioning, Chrysalis™ creates the perfect setting for relaxation. As a franchisee, you receive a wealth of experience and assistance in recreating this successful ambience for your outlet.
What a Chrysalis™ Franchisee gets?
  • Access to Chrysalis™ collection of reliable and proven treatment services and packages including spa, skin, face and body care treatments
  • Comprehensive franchise manuals on all key aspects of the franchise.
  • Pre-opening Manual
  • Outlet Operations Manual
  • Training Manual
  • Corporate Identity Manual
  • Franchise Management Manual
  • Professional management expertise that guides you during the early stages of your business – from site selection, store design and layout to equipment selection.
  • Continuous staff training to ensure the transfer of business knowledge, internal standards and professional skills
  • Assured product quality on Chrysalis™ products and end-to-end supply assistance on our proprietary products, equipment and consumables of the spa
  • Rights to the Chrysalis™ branding and marketing applications
  • Regular updates and introductions on new products and services as well as supporting promotions and advertisements

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