Collagen Treatment

A Vitamin E & Collagen-Rich Skin Care System

Includes HAND / FOOT Scrub and Heaty Bounty Treatment

The Collagen heat treatment is indicated for those skins that present wrinkles, lack of elasticity, hydration or nutrition, giving an extra contribution of collagen. It combines the properties of the ingredients with the aromas, included in the essences, oils and lotion. They all contribute to many benefits to the organism.

The application of heat in an area of the body produces an increased surface temperature. Dilates blood vessels which lead to increased blood flow with a corresponding increase in the supply of O2 and nutrients and improving venous and lymphatic drainage. The consequence of this has a relaxing anti-inflammatory effect, and it reduces muscle ache directly.

Heat Treatment with Collagen is a complete treatment for hands and feet that gives skin:

  • Hydration, Nutrition and elasticity of the skin.
  • Cell regeneration.
  • Relaxation.
  • It also includes aromatic elements to the atmosphere in the cabin.