Bust Detox Wellness

Females should pay attention to smooth Qi and blood circulation According to ancient theory, smooth blood circulation is the most important factor and in which it determines whether your monthly menstrual cycle, menstrual volume and menstrual blood colour is normal.
If the body is deficient of Qi and blood, it will affect puberty and causes imperfect growth of the breasts. If your face and lips are usually pale, or experienced giddiness easily, or having insomnia, or little menstrual blood volume, it means that your body is Qi and blood deficient. It will be difficult to develop your desired breast shape if there is no supplementation of Qi and blood to improve one’s constitution.
This detoxifying treatment is suitable for those who are concerned with an unflattering bustline, sagging and anyone with breast health concerns.

Bust Detox Wellness Benefits:

  • Bust Care Breast Massage prevents sagging breast
  • Improves breast shape
  • It also drains toxins and dissolve fluid like cysts.